IC Autosampler

PAS autosampler


PAS auto sampler 
Connected to the host through a dedicated interface with the ion chromatograph, without human duty. Use of electric injection valves full tube injector and injection accuracy of 0.01%, direct injection trace amounts of sample and rapid analysis of injection and effectively solve the residual, the injection speed and injection reproducibility. Actual collection of standard samples: not less than 100 
Vial volume: ≥ 10ml, number 100 
Sample loop volume: 0.1uL-1000uL (full pipe injection)
The reproducibility of the injection volume (fixed volume of sample volume): 0.01% RSD (into the sample amount of 5 ?L of 1000uL) 
Cross-contamination: CV <0.001% 
Note: Due to technical progress update, the performance indicators will improve, site indicators for reference only

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